Greyhounds Rock!

Greyhounds and lurchers are possibly the most abused breed of dog. There are approximately 25,000 bred each year and large numbers are ‘retired’ from racing by the time they are 3 years old. The fate of many of these dogs is often grim as they are either dumped at roadsides or even worse, disposed of in horrific ways. Please help us to rescue as many as of these wonderful animals as possible and together we can give them the chance of a new life.

Greyhounds and lurchers make really wonderful family pets. They are affectionate and gentle and at their happiest when in the company of people. Unlike many breeds, there are very few differences between the temperaments of males and females. They are also very intelligent and cheeky. They are always ready to polish off that piece of cake you’ve left unattended or rifle through your shopping bags for a treat!

As a shorthaired breed, they need very little grooming and contrary to popular belief they don’t need a huge amount of exercise. The opportunity to have a quick sprint twice a day off the lead in a secure area (free of cats and other furry animals) is all they need. This is why we call them our 45mph couch potatoes as they’ll happily spend the rest of the day on the sofa!

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